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Design for Six Sigma Tools (Part 3)

There are many DFSS tools and from that we will discussed some Popular tools. HOQ Stands for house of quality, and in simple words, it is an extension of the quality function deployment. The HOQ helps the team organize their thinking in a structure way and reach a common consensus on what the prime customer… Read More »

Design for Six Sigma Tools (Part 2)

There are many DFSS tools and from that we will discussed some Popular tools. Needs VS Requirements Requirements: Stated by the customer. May not reflect the true needs. Subject to interpretation related mistakes. These are explicitly stated. Needs: Needs are something that the consumer actually wants. These are implicit requirements and needs to be understood.… Read More »

Design for Six Sigma Tools (Part 1)

There are many DFSS tools and from that we will discussed some Popular tools. Toll Gate Review The project status is reviewed at the end of every phase by the senior management, Six Sigma team, and technical staff. To understand if the project has made adequate progress, and the product or the service is on… Read More »

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)

What is Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)? Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) approach determines the needs of the customers and business; and drive those needs into the product, process, or service solution. Traditional Six Sigma DMAIC seeks continuous improvement of a process that already exists. DFSS helps in getting things right, the first time. Design… Read More »

Is you Confident to Apply?

Check the latest Vacant in Apparel sector. Zara needs – Visual Merchandiser – For apply Click here PVH needs – Wash Technician – For apply Click here H&M needs – Technician, Home – For apply Click here EPIC needs – Operations General Manager – For apply Click here Crystal International needs – Sweater Technical Service… Read More »

Introduction to Denim

Denim, a cotton woven fabric, may be the most considered article of style today. Denim is cut and sewn in an assortment of clothing types fit for all ages, seasons and events. This is what has made denim a profitable fashion item, and the increase in the quantities of clients buying it is truly obvious.… Read More »

Life-Cycle of ERP

In the next chapter, technology and functioning of ERP will be discussed in detail. Before that, a sound knowledge on the lifecycle of ERP is essential so that an end-user, implementer, or a manager who uses ERP will find it easy to study and understand the different functions and capabilities of ERP. The life cycle… Read More »

Growth of ERP

The evolution of ERP clearly indicates the growth that ERP has achieved over the years. Based on the data available from 2013, it can be seen that ERP’s market grew by 3.8% in 2013 compared to the growth rate of 2.2% achieved in 2012. As of 2013, Gartner stated that Workday, Workforce software, Cornerstone On… Read More »

Vendors of ERP

ERP’s growth can be attributed to the vendors of ERP. It is because of their tremendous expertise and knowledge, the ERP market has grown to this level. It is their new concepts that emerge from time to time that take business and ERP to advanced levels. Developments in ERP have been immense since inception. ERP… Read More »

Jeans or Denim Production

Jeans or Denim Manufacturing. Click Here Juki Jeans Production. Click Here How are jeans made In Factory. Click Here Jeans Laser Washing Machine | Laser Engraving. Chick Here