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Jeans or Denim Production

Jeans or Denim Manufacturing. Click Here Juki Jeans Production. Click Here How are jeans made In Factory. Click Here Jeans Laser Washing Machine | Laser Engraving. Chick Here

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Mold Prevention

Molds are organisms which are neither plant nor animal. Mold is a fungus. It’s not easy visual in beginning time or gain start time but once it gain fully then easily can found or clearly visual. The dusty texture of many molds is caused by profuse numbers of asexual spores formed by differentiation at the… Read More »

7 point system container checking for Mold

For Mold prevention it needs to confirm or ensure the transporting container should as standard or anti mold container. To ensure the safe container need to follow 7 point container check Those 7 point container system are followed below CONTAINER 7 POINT SYSTEM CHECKING General Ensure interior corner blocks are visible and not false, and… Read More »

Metal Detection

Ensuring that all garments Kids wear and adult‘s wear don’t having any metal trims in the products and ensure all products pass by the metal detector machine. It is now a major compliance requirement that to ensure the metal free zone and that all records and calibrations are maintained properly. Quality manager & Maintenance team… Read More »

Lean Six Sigma Glossary

Sample Sign test: It is the simplest of all the non-parametric tests that can be used instead of a one sample t test. Affinity chart: An affinity diagram is a tool for organizing large quantities of information from many people. It is often used with Brainstorming and other creative thinking activities. It sorts a large… Read More »

Lean Management Maturity Matrix

Agenda √ Overview √ Assessment Process √ Assessment Criteria √ Lean Maturity Levels √ Summary Overview √ Need for maturity matrix is to determine the extent of transformation to adopt Lean √ Lean principles √ Minimize or eliminate waste √ Lean transformation is moving from an old way of thinking to Lean thinking Assessment Process… Read More »

Methodologies That Complement Lean Management

Agenda √ Theory of Constraints √ Quick Response Manufacturing √ Factory Physics √ Six Sigma Theory of Constraints √ Overview √ Definition √ Weakest link in the process √ Constraints Equipment People Policy √ The five focusing steps for continuous improvements 1.Identify the constraint 2.Decide how to exploit the constraint 3.Synchronize everything else to the… Read More »

Lean Management – Types of Waste

The Main One →Transportation →Inventory →Motion →Waiting →Over-production →Over-processing →Defects Transportation √ Definition: Any movement of materials, supplies or resources that does not add value to the internal or external customer needs √ Characteristics Extra carts, fork lifts Multiple storage locations Complex inventory management Extra facility space Improper facility layout Inventory √ Definition: Any supply… Read More »

The Steps of 5S

The Steps of 5S Seiri – Sort (Clearing) Ø  Clearly separating necessary from unnecessary, and remove unnecessary Seiton – Set in order (Configure) Ø  Visually arrange and identify items for ease of use and retrieval Seiso – Shine & Check (Clean & Check) Ø  keep the workplace clean (not pretty) to allow problems to be… Read More »

Procedure of Sewing Quality Control

Purpose is to establish a standardized work process for good team working.  Scope is the procedure will help to achieve our particular Goal. Responsible section in charge is responsible to implement the policy in production unit. Preparation of Input: As per Input plan QA’s CMS, Trims Card, Construction Sheet, How to Measure, collects BOM, measurement… Read More »