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Introduction to Denim

Denim, a cotton woven fabric, may be the most considered article of style today. Denim is cut and sewn in an assortment of clothing types fit for all ages, seasons and events. This is what has made denim a profitable fashion item, and the increase in the quantities of clients buying it is truly obvious.… Read More »

Life-Cycle of ERP

In the next chapter, technology and functioning of ERP will be discussed in detail. Before that, a sound knowledge on the lifecycle of ERP is essential so that an end-user, implementer, or a manager who uses ERP will find it easy to study and understand the different functions and capabilities of ERP. The life cycle… Read More »

Overview of Continuous Improvement

Agenda Continual Improvement Process Continuous versus Continual Improvement Kaizen Continual Improvement Process Continual improvement process or CIP is a steady effort made to improve existing processes, products, or services. Delivery processes are evaluated against efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility. William Edwards Deming quotes, “CIP is a part of the system, where feedback from the process and… Read More »

How to do Fabric Conjunction

Basic Fabric Conjunction Before act the Fabric Conjunction have to know below detail Complete goods measurement Size range Body length Sleeve length Chest width ½ + 2 cm Sewing allowance Seam density Goods wastage percentage Complex wastage Cutting wastage Sewing wastage Print / embroidery wastage Overall wastage Goods specification Yarn count Fabric GSM Other If… Read More »

Cutting Quality Control & Re-Cut Procedure

Cutting Quality Control: To be established a work process by which QC personnel able to run in a same path for continuous improvement. The procedure can be control / feedback to cutting to produce smoothly & Good Quality production. Responsibility:  The responsible person in-charge of related department. Preparation for Bulk cutting: According cutting plan cutting… Read More »

Crisis & Incident Management

Crisis management A crisis is a major, unpredictable event that threatens to harm an organization and its stakeholders. Although crisis events are unpredictable, they are not unexpected. Crises can affect all segments of society – businesses, churches, educational institutions, families, non-profits and the government and are caused by a wide range of reasons. Although the… Read More »

Product identification and traceability.

This is to define and maintain a documented procedure for identification and traceability of Raw Materials, Semi Finished Products and Finished Products. This procedure covers the Identification and traceability of Raw Materials, Semi Finished Products and Finished Products. Responsibility and Authority: Compliance Manager, MIS Manager, Production Manager, Sourcing Manager, Store Manager, QA Manager Procedure: Identification… Read More »

How to assess supplier

Purpose: The purpose of this procedure to ensure that company consistent approach when conducting the internal factory assessment, consistent worldwide execution is a core expectation of all company. Scope:  This procedure applies to all suppliers for all Buyers. Our Expectation from supplier: Have a certified quality. Safety Management System. Fair Business Practice On time delivery… Read More »

Document and records control procedure

Purpose: This procedure ensures that all controlled documents are authorized prior to issue and that only documents of current revision status are being used. Controls are put in place to ensure that documents kept are adequate for the purpose of identifying trends in quality improvement and measuring the need for and effectiveness of corrective action.… Read More »

Pre-Production Meeting Procedure

Pre-production meeting procedure: PURPOSE: The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that potential risks involved in the production of Future production is assessed and documented and that all standards and specifications are clean. SCOPE: This procedure applies to all styles. Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the Technical Manager to ensure the implementation of… Read More »