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Lean – An Overview

Agenda What is Lean History of Lean Principles of Lean Key Benefits of Implementing Lean Why Lean before Six Sigma What is Lean? Lean is a principle of eliminating waste (muda) and reducing non-value added activities. Waste is anything unnecessary for the process. Non-value adding activity is any activity the customer is not willing to… Read More »

Overview of Continuous Improvement

Agenda Continual Improvement Process Continuous versus Continual Improvement Kaizen Continual Improvement Process Continual improvement process or CIP is a steady effort made to improve existing processes, products, or services. Delivery processes are evaluated against efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility. William Edwards Deming quotes, “CIP is a part of the system, where feedback from the process and… Read More »

Role of Communication and Selection Criteria in Black Belt

Agenda Black Belt Role Summary Black Belt Communication Expectations Black Belt Selection Criteria Black Belt Role Summary A Black Belt’s primary role is to help the Green Belt and Six Sigma teams to deliver successful project. Black Belt needs to handle obstacles and help the team overcome them. Black Belts extract knowledge from the organization’s… Read More »

LSSBB – Organizational Roadblocks

Agenda Traditional Organization versus Customer Driven Organization Types of Organizational Roadblocks Change Resistance Curve Common Resistance Points Overcoming Resistance Points Force Field Analysis Traditional Organization versus Customer Driven Organization Types of Organizational Roadblocks Lean Six Sigma is a fad By who – Expressed by top leadership. When and why – After hearing preliminary things about… Read More »

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

About LSSBB What is Six Sigma? Six Sigma Roles and Responsibilities. About Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Roles and Responsibilities. What is Six Sigma? Six Sigma a business philosophy focusing on continuous improvement. It is a set of tools and strategies for process improvement. It seeks to improve the quality… Read More »

Fish Bone Analysis

Fish Bone Analysis is to find the problem then short it within correct place & time. As to act take a point that is ‘Dirty Spot’. So below is the detail that How to do Fish Bone Analysis. Solving Dirty Spot by Fish Bone Analysis What is Fish bone diagram?? Fish bone diagram is a… Read More »

Lean Six Sigma Application in IT

Objectives: After completing this lesson, you will be able to State the goals and core principles of Lean Six Sigma Identify the differences between process improvement (DMAIC) and process design (DMADV) Define the 5 phases of a Lean Six Sigma improvement process Basic Lean Six Sigma Concepts Topic 1—What is Lean Six Sigma Lean Six… Read More »

Lean Six Sigma Project Charter

Project Leader   Deployment Champion   Start Date   Target Completion Date     Element Description Team Charter   1.   Project Scope: Describe the project scope     2.   Process: The process that will be targeted by this project.     3.   Objective: What improvement is targeted and what will be the impact on critical… Read More »

How dose Lean tools help

Lean Tool What is it? How does it help? 5S Sort (Eliminate not needed), Set in Order (Organize needed items), Shine (Clean the work area), Standardize (Write Standards) and Sustain (Regularly apply standards) Helps in eliminating waste resulting from a poorly organized work area. Often is considered the simplest Lean tool, and should be implemented… Read More »

Lean Six Sigma Glossary

Sample Sign test: It is the simplest of all the non-parametric tests that can be used instead of a one sample t test. Affinity chart: An affinity diagram is a tool for organizing large quantities of information from many people. It is often used with Brainstorming and other creative thinking activities. It sorts a large… Read More »