Mehedi Hasan Sikdar

He is from Narayanganj, Bangladesh and apparel background. He worked in reputed apparel retail as a Senior Lead Technician and expert in Garments Manufacturing. He experienced to do job in Factory, Buying House, Retail and Third Party Company. Love to learn new era and share those to other. That’s why start online writing from 2014 in blog and in 2018 come with website . He love to make bridge or communication in manufacturing industry.

Editor massage: I am simple and love to learn then I share to other what I learned. I believe this way I can help not only other but also myself, as by writing I will revise my mind and it will boost up or skilled myself more.

The journey of success is not easy  as “The road of success is always under construction”

So learn everyday and grow more day by day.

Please stay connect with us.

You can contact with him @

Facebook:      Mehedi Hasan Sikdar
LinkedIn:       Mehedi Hasan Sikdar
Skype:             Mehedi881
Email:             Mehedi@appareltutorial.com or mhsikdar@gmail.com
Call:                 +88 01622 050505 or +86 13202656812

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