Lean Six Sigma Project Charter

By | April 15, 2018
Project Leader   Deployment Champion  
Start Date   Target Completion Date  
  Element Description Team Charter
  1.   Project Scope: Describe the project scope  
  2.   Process: The process that will be targeted by this project.  
  3.   Objective: What improvement is targeted and what will be the impact on critical business metrics?  











  4. . Business results:

      (in dollars if possible)

What are the projected cost savings – provide both “hard” savings, “soft” savings.  
  5… Benefits


In addition to the cost savings, describe the potential benefits from this project.  
  7.   Team members: List the names and job responsibilities of the members of your team.  
  8… Schedule: Define the goals for the key milestones/dates. Measure Review  
      Analyze Review  
      Improve Review  
      Control Review  
      Project Complete  
  9. . Support required: Do you anticipate the need for any special capabilities, hardware, trials, etc?  

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